High Resolution Game Art can cause excessive load times

 on some internet connections.


If this is the case try the Xbox360 Quick List.

 Amped 3
 Armored Core 4
 Assassins Creed
 Battlefield Bad Company
 Baja Edge of Control
 Battlestations Midway
 Blacksite Area 51
 Brothers in Arms Hells Highway
 Burnout Paradise City
 Call of Duty 3
 Civilization Revolution
 Dead or Alive 2 Extreme
 Dead Rising
 Dead Space
 Fable 2
 Face Breaker


Fallout 3

 Farcry 2
 Flatout Ultimate Carnage
 Full Auto
 Gears of War 2
 Half Life 2 Orange Box
 Halo 3
 Infinite Undiscovery
 Iron Man
 Lego Indiana Jones
 Lego Batman
 Lego Star Wars:Complete Saga